Automate My Biz Utilise Infusionsoft As An All In One Sales and Marketing Tool

All other things being equal, people will choose to do business with those they like and respect – and even with all things being unequal, people will almost always choose to do business with those they like and respect and the team at Automate My Biz know it.

One of the biggest problems that a lot of marketers, advertisers, and entrepreneurs get wrong on a regular basis is that they forget that business is conducted on a person to person level – no matter how much technology would like to get in the way. The only way that you’re going to get someone to cut you a check, to hand over their credit card information, or to shoot you over their PayPal details and give you their hard earned money is if you are able to create some kind of relationship (no matter how temporary) with them and they:

  • Like you
  • Trust you
  • And are excited about what you bring to the table

Unfortunately, with today’s ridiculously fragmented marketplaces, it’s almost impossible to capture any real significant amount of market space without being able to resonate with all kinds of different prospects – prospects that may be wildly different from one another. That’s where your CRM (Customer Relationship Management software) like Infusionsoft comes into play!

A CRM literally allows you to be everything to everyone

They say that the faintest ink remembers more than the strongest memory, and nothing could be more true in the case of a properly set up CRM system. When you’re dealing with just a handful of clients it’s really not all that difficult to remember critical details about them, personal details that allow you to immediately reestablish rapport and trust – but when you’re talking about dealing with hundreds, thousands come or even millions of clients that require you to create that same kind of relationship you’re going to be completely lost without a CRM.

To survive (and thrive) in today’s modern business world, you need to make sure that you are taking advantage of a CRM and all of the critical sales people on your team are using one as well. You’ll be able to input all kinds of information and data about your customers and prospects that you can all use at a later date to move sales along, but you’ll also be able to automate a significant amount of your follow up and your rapport building using a bunch of other technologies tied into the information in your CRM database. If you aren’t already set up with a Customer Relationship Management system, you’re throwing money right out the window.